Hailing from the home of Motown, Cadillac, and legendary boxer Joe Louis, Detroit Firefighters have been wearing metal helmet shields for over 100 years. Detroit Shields was founded by a Detroit Firefighter who wanted to provide the next generation of firefighters the opportunity to carry on this tradition.

These unique shields are now being worn by many departments throughout the United States. They are made of 17 gauge steel, powder coated. The shields have been put through some extensive testing and have proven to definitely been tough and uphold to high heat. Best of all you can essentially customize them any way you want. If you want the shield to have a picture of your Aunt Edna's poodle, it can be done. Now your shield can be any color you want. If you have any questions just contact us.

Detroit Shields can be used on almost every helmet.

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            fire helmet shield front


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fire helmet shield front   fire helmet shield front

If it's not steel, then it' s not a Detroit Shield. All shields are made custom to you with a Detroit style.


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            fire helmet shield front
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